Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Hand-Drawn Jurnal

One of the best thing that I got from our budget holiday in Hanoi is that I finally get to start a hand-drawn jurnal! What makes it better is the blank jurnal only cost about VND50,000 or almost equivalent to RM10 only. It is handmade, hard-covered, with 240 pages of 5.5" x 8" of 100gsm paper.

Maybe it is not good enough for watercolor, but I love it! We bought two ~ one for me and one for hubby.



Allycat said...

Mango, this drawing is really good. Feel like I'm actually outside the restaurant - see its that good! You deserve the journal. Hope you do lots of illustrations but don't forget to share. Hope you had a lovely break :)

mangosteenskin said...

thank you allycat,

i didn't buy much there, coz the excitement of getting this jurnal has topped all my desires. I wanted this kind of jurnal since long time ago but couldn't find it anywhere. I found moleskin in KL, but that time it was kinda expensive for me. Actually before going to Hanoi I was planning to make myself a hand-bound book, but no need anymore. I found one that is just nice :)