Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Fear Factor

It's not lizards.

Or cockroaches.

Or jumping from a helicopter.

Or swimming with alligators.

The scariest thing I have in mind at the moment is this question,



Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

heehhehe.....samalah kita Mango! I have the same fear huhuhu

edi said...

babe, what's up?
sorry lah i dah lama x buka internet... blog pun dah lama tak update nie... anyway, ni ade chance, i terus visit your blog and nampaknyer ade unsur 'cuak' di sini.. kenapa? care to share? anyway, i hope it'll be over soon and all the best to you!

take care!

Joyce C. said...

So true for college students and working adults. >.<

mangosteenskin said...

Banyak pending job...stressful kan?!

kak edi,
apa itu cuak? hehe. kat sabah tak ada perkataan cuak.

ya, but working is better coz there's payday. LOL.

edi said...

urm... cuak tu perasaan mcm ragu2, takut, confuse dan lain2 semuanya bergabung menjadi satu perasan.. hehe.. lebey kurang camtu ler..

mangosteenskin said...

Owh, begitu. I asked my hubby but his answer was like this, "maybe when someone do wrong, and he/she is caught right-handed...he/she feels "cuak". I don't knowlah, i also speak sabahan now". Hahaha.

Hmm...kalau nak kata pasal cuak, it must be about work lah kak edi. Now I completely move to home office, but semuanya tak organized lagi. Everything is temporary coz we know soon harus pindah tapi tempat baru tak ready lagi. So everything is mixed up, rumah+kerja+hobi.