Saturday, 18 September 2010

Work at Home Mom

Something happened during the early week of Ramadhan,
Now when I think of it,
I count it as a blessing,
Even though at the beginning when I found it out,
I thought, it's bad.

Sending Putri to neighbour?
Now I don't feel like it.

Putri is 1 year and 3 months old now.
She loves looking at herself in the mirror.

And calls me "mama"!


Bee said...

what happened?

I did not get to merayau during Eid... I wanted to go to your place but I wasn't sure if you're home... Lama tidak nampak Puteri... mesti besar dah dia... pandai panggil mama dah :D

Allycat said...

So happy for you, Putri must be a blessing! Hope all is ok now xx

mangosteenskin said...

All I can say is just, who need hypocrytes, "talam dua muka" and "batu api" in their life? But it's okay, atleast it opened up my eyes on how other people sees me, and who's a friend and who's not. But it's not their fault either, I know I'm an introvert and secretive type of person, so they never really get the chance to know me. Taking it positively, it's actually a good thing for me also...semua berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya kan.

It's okay now, but it will never be the same again. Yes, Putri is a blessing.

mangosteenskin said...

Ohya jurah,
Kami balik kampung saja during Raya. No preparation. nantilah, when we move to new place, baru proper sikit untuk guest bertandang. hehe.