Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Always Challengingly Cute

Carving stamps with letters squeezed into a small area
is very challenging.
You can't make mistake with letters.
Everything must be done right at the first place
because if you cut wrongly, it is beyond repair
and you have to start all over again.

Commissioned stamp. The person who ordered this took the photo from the internet so I'm charging for my carving service only minus the design charges. It's unethical to just simply copy any artwork you found on the net you know. If you don't know the designer, it doesn't mean it's free and doesn't belong to anyone.

Usually when a customer give me a design taken from the internet,
I will try my best to design something new,
using the provided design as reference
(that's why I took longer time to come up with a design to propose,
those who worked with me before would know).

An order from a mom who wanted to make handmade invitation cards for her son's birthday. I forgot to inform her that I was working on the stamps so she already finished the cards when the stamp was done.

I was happy actually when she said, "Oh no...I already finished doing the cards",
Hehe an addition to my personal collection YEAH!!!

I'm not saying carving above stamps are easy,
but at least, easier.
We have less to worry about cutting the tail of a "p", or
unintentionally make an "a" looks like an "o"
or simply cut away the dot above "i" and "j",

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euphoria said...

I agree. Words r much tedious to carve.