Thursday, 18 November 2010

ATC Swap

Further details regarding the Artist Trading Card (ATC) Swap
(deadline 14th Dec 2010)

: open (no specific theme so you can draw / paint anything you want) but preferably hand-painted/ hand-drawn

Host: Mangosteenskin

CLOSING DATE: 14th December 2010

Number of ATC to be Submitted: 3

Participation : All Artists, Art Enthusiasts and anyone keen enough to showcase their artistic talents. Local and international artists are welcomed.

Submission: Please email me for address



1. To share knowledge and showcase talent.

2. To swap original miniature arts.

3. To exchange ideas; to inspire each other; to appreciate and respect each other’s arts while at the same time building a social network of art enthusiasts both locally and internationally.

4. For FUN!


Rules and Regulations (MUST READ);

1. The measurement of each card should be 2.5 x 3.5 inches. It is advisable that the paper used for drawing / painting the ATC must be of high quality card stock that is neither to thin or easily damaged.

2. Participant may use any technique or medium to draw / paint.

3 Register by clicking "I'm Attending" ~ by clicking this you’ll be automatically considered a participant of this swap.

4. All ATCs must reach the host before the closing date.

5. Please include these particulars behind your cards;

Title, Artist Name, Date, Location. You can even write your address and phone number just consider your ATC as your artistic business card and lastly don’t forget to sign your card.

6. After the closing date, you will receive 3 cards from 3 different artists. No one will receive their own cards.

7. The Swap Event will be done in the manner described below.
• Every card received will be given a number (to identify the artist).
• After the closing date, three cards will be drawn from the pile of ATCs received for this swap.
• Should an artist accidentally get their own ATC, a re-draw will be held untill they get a card that did not belong to them.

8. Eventhough the ATCs are meant to be swapped for free, but it is hoped that we will try our best to make it worth to be treasured.

9. Important!! All artworks are copyright to their respective artists. Even though the cards are swapped, the current holder of the card does not have the copyright to sell or use the card for commercial purposes.

10. Those that have finished their artworks can upload and showcase their artworks here.


Happy Drawing and may our ATC Project be a complete success!!! Thank You very much to Baizurah Basri for the translation :)

List of Participants (will be updated from time to time)

1. Mangosteenskin (host) - Penoreh Getah (Sabah, Malaysia)
2. Arthur Stephen - Artist (Sabah, Malaysia)
3. Baizurah Basri - Senior Lab Assistant (Sabah, Malaysia)
4. Emila Yusof - Illustrator, graphic designer & children book writer (KL)
5. Ramiliano Roscom Guerra - Artist (Sabah, Malaysia)
6. Chum DaVincci ScarzSanders - ? (Sabah, Malaysia)
7. Noor Azlina Abd. Samad - Fulltime Handmade Card Artist (Kedah, Malaysia)
8. Morgan Horward - Ceramic Artist (Virginia, US)
9. Edina Mohd. Azhar - Jurutera/Partime Baker (Selangor, Malaysia)
10. Chi Len Yow - Student (Malaysia)
11. Syazwi Aljabri - (Malaysia)
12. Veda Murthy - ? (India)
13. You!

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Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

hahahahahha! I baru notice you tulis your job as "Penoreh Getah"!!!! That is SO FUNNY!!! Never thought of that before!! :D hahahaha...