Monday, 15 November 2010

I'm hosting an ATC Swap!

Thank you very much to my artist friend, Arthur,
for the encouragement.

I will be hosting a second ATC swap,
(the first time was in 2008 with the theme Identity).

Our aim is to get our fellow Sabahan artist
(they are real artist, who paint and sell paintings for living)
to join the swap,
but we are also open to all artist, serious hobbyist and art lovers from all around the world to participate.
There's no particular theme, and you are free to use any technique and media.

Please click here to read the details.

The rules are simple, just make 3 pieces of painting sized 2.5x3.5 inch and send it to me (the host). After deadline (14th December 2010) I will swap the cards and send back 3 pieces of cards from different artist to you. But I apologize as the details are written in Malay,
with a mix of Sabahan slang
so if you need any help,
please let me know!

What is ATC?
Hehehe, read here please!

Some of my ATCs back in 2008. Most of them have been traded.


Moe said...

Hey there, I follow your blog from the US. This sounds super exciting & I'd love to participate. May I?

Such a neat idea :)

mangosteenskin said...

Hi Moe! We'd love to have you! Ok you're in! I hope you ATCs can reach us by 14th December. Will email you my address.



Edi said...

mango, nak join!
bagi address mango utk pos ya!
my email: