Monday, 15 November 2010

A Trophy, A Treasure

It is an album,
that I've been working on since
last year.

it's finished!

I use the type of paper used to make hardbound book for the cover,
and black sheets of self-adhesive pages in the inside.
The title is handwritten and
the decorations around the frame is stamped with VersaMagic White Chalk Ink pad.
The gold ink is Brilliance Ink Pad; Galaxy Gold.

I'm still in the process of searching and gathering all my stamps images
to be placed inside the album,
but here's some of them so far,


minamisensei said...

keep in one book...
love ti see inside it one day...
really admire Ur stamp craving la sis....

mangosteenskin said...

hi nizam kan?

thanks so much. the last photo is actually what the inside look like. I just make some collage for the pages. It's a small album actually.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Wow Mango..this is so cool!! Love it.

minamisensei said...

owh yeah..yup now i can see..die cam page by page..akak susun kan jadi besar camtue..
yap its me mizam..
tapi ramai jer pnggil nizam..
zam pon ok..ngeh2..

Allycat said...

Hi Mango
That's a beautiful book, the decorations are very pretty. Heavens, you have carved lots of stamps! Would like to join ATC swap but not sure if I will have time as I'm working on Christmas orders at the mo. I will be in touch if I can get my ATCs ready. Take care x

MisFyd said...

Wow! Cool album project! Bole jual nanti...heheh

Teringat all those little cute books that shows plenty of brand labels & logos kt MPH.

Maybe I should make one for my crochet design :D

tatap mata aku said...

hye! i nak order satu stamp dari u boleh tak manggo..please contct me via email
do appreciate ur attention towards my request. TQ!

mangosteenskin said...

Thank You! :)

Thank you but I think for 3 years, that is not enough. Looks like I've been carving too little. Yes, christmas is a season for giving, I'm sure it'll be busy. Just let me know if you manage to make any ATC k, I'll include your name in the swap. We oredy have 2 foreign participants by the way, one from US and another from India :)

My sister suggest that I make personalized album for wedding and gifts, I've thought of that since long ago but I don't wanna be greedy. As for the time being I want to focus on stamps only so I can focus on maintaining if not improving the quality.

tatap mata aku,