Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Vietnam Pho

I am sorry I am polluting this blog with more and more kitchen experiments. Hehe.

The juicy, chewy tendon is awesome! The broth had been prepared since last night, so now the tendon became very soft and jellylike.

Image source, here.

I use beef feet (orange circle in above diagram)
from recent Raya Korban
to make some homemade Vietnam Pho!

I was crazy about making Vietnam Pho after we came back from Hanoi last August.
learning from my Pho googling experience,
beef bones and knuckles are the best for Vietnam Pho broth.
Actually to me I think this time it tastes better and healthier
compared to the one I made last Ramadhan
(that time I used beef knuckles with bone marrow).
The bone marrow is so greasy and fatty!

The recipe is actually very easy
(it wasn't really easy for the first time anyway).

This time, I don't refer to the recipe anymore.
:) Here's how I prepare my Ala-Kulitmanggis Vietnam Pho.

Note: As usual, these are my estimation only.

1. 1-2kg of beef bones, preferably leg and knuckles
2. 1 big onion, halved (charred on stove or grill until slightly burnt and fragrant, then washed to remove loose, flaky burnt skin)
3. 3 inches of ginger (charred~just like the onion). Click here to see how the charred onion and ginger may look like.
4. 4-5 cloves of garlic
5. Pho spices which consist of corriander and fennel seeds, star anise, cinnamon stick, cloves and cardamom pods ~ it's pretty common right? So I just use Rempah Sup Tulang.
6. 1 inch chunk yellow rock sugar
7. 8-10 tablespoons of fish sauce (or as desired)
8. Large chunk of meat, to be sliced later when serving (optional)
9. Salt.

How to prepare the broth;

1. The bones are washed and parboiled for 10-15 minutes. This is to remove impurities like blood particles and excess fat. Drain and rinse the bones and pot, refill with clean water and put it back on stove. Parboiling will give you a clean-tasting broth.
2. Put the bones back into the pot. Add spices, charred onion and ginger, garlic, meat, fish sauce, rock sugar and salt.
3. Let the broth to simmer for 3 hours and adjust the taste with seasoning; fish sauce, rock sugar and salt.


1. Rice noodles (it looks like kuetiaw, wide and thin. I bought mine at Giant ~ in the noodles section). Blanch in hot water until soft, and put in cool water so it doesn't get overcooked.
2. Fresh scallions and cilantro or coriander (chopped).
3. Lime - cut into wedges
4. Some onions - thinly sliced (optional)
5. Meat - take out the meat chunk from broth and thinly slice.

Combine them together in a bowl ~ just like serving soto or any noodle soup. Can be served with some chillies and soy sauce in separate serving plate as dipping or condiments.

It's difficult to find Halal restaurant in Hanoi, but this is one of the place where you can get Halal food. They serves Malaysian cuisine so you can still have nasi Lemak, asam pedas and mi goreng mamak there. You can see the address clearly in the photo.

This is the Vietnam Pho that we had in Nisa Restaurant.

This is how me and Putri had our Vietnam Pho soup for lunch today.

Flooded rice. Hehe.


Kokoa&friends said...

menarik...menarik..mau cuba

mangosteenskin said...

sila cuba...hehe.

feltralicious said...

mak oi berliur aku..dah la mmg gila mkn sup tulang..n suka masak sup tulang jg..isk tp mcmn mo cari kaki nn knucles nya pulak??

mangosteenskin said...

hehe...kalau pegi pasar besar KK, pegi bahagian daging segar tu, jumpa dengan penjual daging. Main pre-order ni...besok kalau diorang sembelih diorang akan reserve la...kalau tidak cuba datang awal2 pagi...mungkin masih ada sebelum dipajak oleh restoran2.

felt, ko tau hari tu masa korban, itu part kasut/tapak teda orang yang mau bah. Hubby bawa balik dan tanya, apa masakan boleh dibuat. Mula2 kira mau basuh, bakar dan kikis bulu...tapi malas punya pasal kupas terus lah kulit. Damn, tidak menyesal, sebab sup lebih best...

ciketon fazya said...

dulu mudah dpt kaki masa raya korban..tapi lepas mangosteenskin post kebestan nya sudah tidak dpt bah..:)

tapi this yr kaki mmg sudah teda bah..

mangosteenskin said...

itulah yang mango risau tu. Hahahahahaha.

feltralicious said...

ya nmpk pn mcm sedap btl ni

mangosteenskin said...

sebab ko minat sup tulang sebab tu lah ko nampak macam sedap betul tu. Hihihihi.

Edi said...

mango... hahahhaa... td konpius kejap kak edi.. masuk blog mango ke blog allrecipes ni? hehehehe... anyway, nampak sedap la.. dahla tgk lapar ni :(

mangosteenskin said...

Hahhahaha, mula2 berblog dulu memang buat entri masakan, tapi malu...rasanya sudah di delete semuanya. Tapi mango rasa memasak ni satu bentuk seni kreatif juga, maka this blog deserve to regain the cooking entry quota. Hahaha. Nampak sedap? Hmmm...memang sedap! Putri yang katalah...hehe. Apa saja yang Mango masak dia sapu licin. Hahahaha.