Thursday, 2 December 2010


There's no Photoshop, I just play with the camera settings and
increase the contrast a bit in Photoscape.

Just like sunset,
the color of the morning sky changes very quick.

Maybe I should do this
as frequent as can be.
Stop taking photos from my balcony and
go out very early in the morning,
to capture the morning sky
from different places.


Today I'm attending an entrepreneurship program
organized by the
Ministry of International Trade and Industry.
I got to utilize the lunch break efficiently as I still have some other work to do.
I hope time will permit!

Have a nice day everybody!
I hope the sunrise inspired you today!


NYKOLETT said...

have a nice time at the seminar..

Azah Skaliskala said...

wow...this is very nice.!
have a nice day :)