Monday, 24 January 2011

ATC Update

It's a work of 13 artists from all over Malaysia, and one from US. Looking forward to deliver all ATCs to their new owners soon!

we are planning the first ATC swap for 2011,
if you have any idea,
regarding the theme,
do let us know :)


Edi said...

hm... theme ape yek? how about butterflies. i love butterflies. :)

mangosteenskin said...

hm...butterfly pun mcm best jugak :)

maybe kita listkan saja theme, nanti kita undi amacam?

Renee Meow said...

hye.. im ur fan..hehee.. alwiz follow ur nice works..

anyways, dis looks interesting.. wat ATC?how to join dis? i've always love art n drawing, rase mcm share my arts too.. hope dont mind sharing?


Myrisstyca said...


Supercool! Count me in. *wink wink* Kalau pakai Swapbot slalu kene hantar ke US. Slightly expensive la.

Some theme suggestions (Well mostly free to interpretations):
1. Dreams and nightmares.
2. Quote interpretations.
3. Faces.
4. Tangled!
5. The path.
6. Poison apples. (Temptations that will take you down.)
7. Chambers of my heart. (What keeps your heart beating. )

Oh, my sample ATC's are here...
(Like you need a resume to enter, LOL!)

mangosteenskin said...

hi renee..
you may read about ATC here :) yes yes you are welcome to join our swap. we're thinking to organize another one soon. trying to find a good theme at the moment.

wow thank you very much, those suggested themes sounds great!! perhaps we should make a poll to vote for the theme kan? I love your malaysian food ATC, it would be a great theme too. next time you join us k!