Monday, 17 January 2011


I don't believe bad luck.
I believe
it's a test from God.

My bestfriend said, it might be Murphy's Law;
Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

It started right after I published my final post in 2010.

My laptop infected by virus.
After the first format, other problem emerged.
After the second format, my modem died.
My car broke down, still in workshop until today.
My husband is feeling not well,
his medical report shows he has very high cholesterol level.
The new wireless modem malfunctions.
The telephone is dead.
The water tank above the bathroom and toilet,
keep overflowing.
I want to alter my husband new trousers,
but the sewing machine not working, after I cut here and there.
I'm positive about settling down few pending jobs this week,
but my printer suddenly fail to print,
something wrong with the paper feeder roller.
One of the ATC sent to me had been returned to the sender,
because I fail to collect the parcel within 15 days.
There's a huge ulcer inside my right cheek,
I think now it affected my gland, the right side of my face, jaw, neck and shoulder is aching.
My external hardisk is undetectable, I stored many important data there,
including few 2010 account documents.

God is watching me closely.

Allah datangkan hujan,
sebab lepas tu ada pelangi kan?


Marvic said...

ohhh...sounds so terrible la...surely akan ada beautiful pelangi for u :)

Edi said...

pls hang in there mango.. tarik nafas panjang2 and attend satu2 problem tu.. i'allah.. selesai semuanya..

Edi said...

pls hang in there mango.. tarik nafas panjang2 and attend satu2 problem tu.. i'allah.. selesai semuanya..

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

And I thought I had big problems....tapi bila baca your post nih, rasanya my problems macam trivial jer....huhuh....will send good vibes your way dear. Will remember you in my prayers....hopefully one by one all your troubles will be over. Sabar ye Mango...

euphoria said...

InsyaAllah, bila kita redha, everything will be ok and fine. Allah nak beri kita hargai nikmat di dunia tu. :)

mangosteenskin said...

Thank you kawan2 semua :)

I'm okay. Cuma hairan bila satu persatu benda rosak. Hehe. Macam nak bagi thrill lagi proses merealisasikan new year resolution nih! Hahaha.

Except, tentang kesihatan my hubby tu la...of courselah concern. Tentang my ulcer tu, ah takda apa2 hal lah...kacang je dah better.

If I can get the rainbow, I will give each you rainbow :)

MAMA MIRZA said...

alhamdulillah... hikmah terbesar disebaliknya..