Saturday, 8 January 2011

Happy New Year 2011

A new year,
is a start of something new
with our same-old-self.
I believe most of us,
when we say we want changes,
we are speaking of ourselves.

Apart of seeing new years or birthdays as a whole new fresh beginning,
From the other side I always see it as an indicator of the approaching goodbyes.
Time is running out.

I am happy and thankful to Allah for what I had in the previous years.
Maybe not much progress in the form of financial and productivity achievements,
But the most important thing is having my husband by my side,
because he is numero uno.
Parents, family and friends.
Perhaps I have not been great to everyone,
but who knows it might turn out to be one of the best we ever had,
when we flash it back one day.

I am sorry to those who emailed me regarding my handcarved stamps,
or placed their orders but not getting what they expected from me.
Sometimes I cross the deadline,
Sometimes I fail to make it at all.
I have tried my best to perform,
but I learned a lot that we can't be the best at everything,
or satisfy everyone.
I will continue my quest, to improve myself and my service this year.

Please, please, accept my humble apology.

I am thankful to have my regular blog readers, customers and blogging friends,
Some are in my Facebook too,
I want to wish you millions of thanks,
Eventhough we never met,
your continuous support gets me going.
When I create something, believe me
you are in my mind.

I hope I have more to give this year.

Happy New Year everybody!

Here's a song from ABBA with one of my favourite voice, Agnetha Faltskog's.


feltralicious said...

happy new year too!

sweethana03 said...

Another year to look forward to. Anyway, I hope you have a successful year ahead.