Thursday, 27 January 2011

Please Suggest

We need more suggestions
for the next ATC swap,
whoever you are,
please drop some ideas k :)

I will create a poll
to choose the most favored theme
by this weekend.
The submission period will eventually starts
on 1st February 2011
until 1st April 2011.
Anyone is welcomed to join :)

So what are you waiting for,
if you love certain subjects,
and you would like us to draw it
it the form of ATC ~ let us know now!

To those who don't know what ATC stands for,
you may learn about it here.


MisFyd said...

FOOD theme!
Traditional food or local food
or anything that a family/friends enjoy in everyday life :)
I'll bet it will be colourful!

miss fliffy angel said...

wings !