Monday, 7 February 2011

Current Status

My camera is not available at the moment, but i think my handphone is doing the job just great.

I will include the above ATC in my Butterfly set for the next swap.
If you're interested to join the swap, please read here.

Those who are not familiar with ATC might wonder,
how big an ATC can be?
the above photo shows the actual size of it.
remember it's strictly 2.5 x 3.5 inch.

I am currently working on
a video for our previous swap.
but it's taking so much time,
everytime I want to edit the text, the window always crash.
I have all the photos ready,
so if anyone care enough to lend a helping hand,
I would be most delighted,
you can put the credit to yourself at the end of the video.
I'm planning to upload it to youtube,
so anyone can get back to that little online exhibition,

trying to complete commissioned jobs.
trying to recover some lost documents due to computer problem early this year.
i need to chase the deadline,
Ooops, the deadline is chasing me actually.

I'm also in the middle of considering one very important thing,
I am still undecided
but I must say, it's the core of the existence of this blog.

Urm, that's all I can tell,
at the moment.

I'd like to wish all my chinese friends,
I'm planning to draw something for you on CNY actually,
but time does not permit.

And to everybody else,
I hope your CNY holiday had been great!

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Myrisstyca said...

Wow... thats too beautiful! Even beneath all the hassle... Now Im psyched for this swap. :)