Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pembiayaan Ujrah

Have you ever heard of Pembiayaan Ujrah?

Well, thank you very much to an old friend for mentioning it.
I'm unable to receive any written notification or letters
from PTPTN because I still haven't notified them about my new address.
Usually I just pay via online banking,
and seldom visit the site.

Under Pembiayaan Ujrah, the interest of our total balance of PTPTN loan,
as on 1 JUN 2008 will be reduced from 3% to 1% only.

Upon completion of the registration, we will be asked to update our particulars.
Then, a new agreement will be emailed to us and we will need to print and sign it.
They will calculate our balance and prepare a new payment schedule for us.

Most people have been notified personally by PTPTN regarding this,
but if you haven't heard of it (like my case),
I hope this post gonna be useful in spreading the information.
Just click Pembiayaan Ujrah FAQ to learn more.

Be quick, as the offer is ending on 28th February 2011.

Click above photo to visit PTPTN main site.


taz said...

i dah buat. tapi dia bg email untuk update particulars je. bila dah, takde pun dia email new agreement tuu.

mangosteenskin said...

after that step, kena tunggu taz. They will take time to re-calculate our balance and prepare payment schedule. mango pun tengah tunggu ni. According to FAQ, perjanjian akan dikeluarkan setiap 10hb.