Monday, 14 March 2011

Learning Photoshop


Tracing in Photoshop

Working out with the design - customer requested 1920's theme.

Added with some antique filter in Photoscape.
I still have a long way to go before I can translate the idea that I have in mind into something visual,
up to a stage where it is good enough for printing on large canvas or commisions.

Handsketched, scanned and contrast increased in Photoscape.

Redrawn in Photoshop

I'm so happy with the improvements!

I have tried using Photoshop and Illustrator in 2009
but I gave up because it is so difficult.
It's taking too much of my time.

I just reinstall Photoshop in my computer a couple of weeks ago,
and try again.
This time, to my suprise,
I'm doing it quite smoothly,
like I know what to click
when I want to perform certain action etc.


I believe when the time comes,
everything will happen naturally.
When Allah gives us the sense of Ting! in our brain,
suddenly we just happen to know what to do.

Like when me and hubby just get married,
I was trying hard to cook tasty meal for him,
but even the dishes that I know quite well,
turns out a failure.
After a while, with lots of practice and recipes reading,
suddenly my cooking skills got better,
like I said,
it happened naturally.



minamisensei said...

GAMBATE kak...
dulu zam explore sendrik jugak...
feel n passion die lain..sebb sendrik usehe untuk tahu...
macam ai..just one week zam di ajar..masa praktikal..after taht kene start bertatih sedrik...skung tgh merangkak...masih jauh perjalanan untuk berlari,...ALL DA BEST

Color Experts said...

it was really awesome post! thanks a lot for sharing this nice post :)

conteng conteng said...

Saya pun rasanya sudah sampai masa kena belajar Photoshop dengan Illustrator.

Sebelum ni ada teringin nak belajar tapi bertahun dah tangguhkan.

Rasa macam rugi sangat diri ni (dan jealous pun ada) bila tengok orang pandai guna dua-dua software tu.

Tapi...rasanya laptop saya ni tak kuat nak pakai both software tu. Mungkin kena melabur dengan desktop yang bagus dulu? Hmmm...

mangosteenskin said...

betul tu. bagi mango memang susah, tapi tak apa, biar slow n steady.

laptop mango pun. dulu pernah install both, memang berat terutama sekali AI. Sekarang AI tak install lg, cuma CS3, tapi itupun bila cuba guna canvas saiz besar, mudah hang. Mango ingat fadhli memang guna photoshop untuk edit hasil kerja kat conteng2!

conteng conteng said...

Ok jadi misi seterusnya: beli desktop yang best2 sikit. Lepas tu baru install dua2 software tu. :)

cheQmOomOo said...

klu nk wat stamp ngn katun cenni price brape ye?

Daniel Rooney said...

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