Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Maafkan Saya

I am in the middle of this and that at the moment.
We are trying to ensure that our rumah kedai is ready by end of this month,
and getting prepared to move out from our current rented apartment.
Our company had been operating temporarily from this small home since 2 years ago,
and I am also a bit tired of not having proper space for business matters.
Everything is mixed up.
Imagine having just a small desk, placed next to the television (where I put my computer),
and all files been kept in boxes at the back room.
The back room had been used as the same place to keep extra clothes, to hang laundries, to place the refrigerator and also where I do all wood works~ to make stamp mountings.
Doing my office work and stamp carving on dining table and sometimes on the floor.
Sometimes I just feel so unhealthy,
tapi berkat kesabaran, alhamdulillah akhirnya Allah berikan sebuah rumah kedai.
So after this, we'll be living upstairs and our office cum shop will be on the ground floor.

I'm still trying to keep up with stamp orders at the same time,
but please forgive me, I know I have missed few deadlines.
I am sorry, I know I have promised to get back to you, somehow I am unable to do so.
Sometimes I manage to get the design ready,
but I don't have time to do the carvings and mountings.
The moment I have time to carve, your wedding (for wedding stamp) is already just around the corner.

After we are settled with the moving,
I need to go down to KL, to work out things about getting supplies for our shop
(and also because I miss the other half of my family there).
Thank God, my hubby is arranging these for me so all I have to do is just be there.
No, it's not art shop or stamp shop~ it's a shop selling Personal Protective Equipment,
eg; Helmet, safety boot, reflective vest, coverall, body harness, climbing equipment etc.
Yeah those sort of things.
I don't know yet how it will affect my stamp carvings, but I'm sure it gonna be affected alot,
perhaps at the beginning.
Up till this moment, I still don't have any assistant,
baik untuk kerja pejabat, mahupun kerja rumah.

Please forgive me,
it's neither my intentions to ignore emails or orders.

Those who have paid me but haven't received their stamp yet,
and those who has confirmed their orders untuk digunakan dalam jangkamasa terdekat,
contact me please?


Aida Narina said...

hi mango :) i hope everything will go on smooth and sailing on your side. I'm sure u must have read my email, but seriously, don't reply to it now ok. I totally understand your situation :) Just dropping by to say hi :) BTW, u are going to open a shop selling PPE? OMG that's cool! You know what, I'm currently doing work rotations in my compnay i'm working with and now in the facilities and maintenance dept. We use the PPEs a lot (i mean for the technicians and workers). Last 2 weeks we had an open day where we organized a competition - whoever manage to wear the complete set of PPE with the fastest time wins RM30 secret recipe voucher :D everyone had fun!

Aneesah said...

*hugssss Mango*

:) All my friends (online or not) are always in my prayers. InshaAllah He has worked things out for you, just be patient and strong.

oh *hugs Putri* jugak. ^_^

mangosteenskin said...

really?! that must be fun! I wonder what company are you working with. You guys must have a good safety committee. Nope, I don't involved directly in the field, but my husband is. I know a safety committee must be creative in promoting safety awareness among the employees. I'm nervous about the shop though...since my hubby will be more into safety training and consultation, so the shop would be more of my responsibilities. Hehe, thanks so much for the understanding and good wishes. I feel so great reading such encouraging comments.

mangosteenskin said...


You're one of my inspirations when it comes to showing appreciation towards other people. I believe you're a very caring person....I always have great time browsing...ehem stalking your life thru your FB albums...haha. You really take time to do something for your friends! Amazing!

to know that I am in your prayers is more than enough for me. Thank you very much Aneesah! Hope things are going smoothly with you too.

Hugs back, from me and Putri :)