Friday, 25 March 2011


1. I have unpublished stamp photos, but I'm a bit undecided to post them in this blog. I'm scared of sudden attack of incoming inquiries. Unreplied email, hurts. I know.

2. A bit under pressure. I have many delayed stamp orders and unreplied emails. I should reply with a design to propose but I still don't have time to work on the designs yet. How. How.

3. Butterfly ATC Swap; I might need to postpone the closing date.

4. I need to organize all craft materials, tools, filings and boxes in the back room, as we'll be moving to a new place soon. The room looks like it has undergone a series of blizzard. Hm, where should I start?

1 comment:

DoodleDesign said...

Dear Mango, you sound so stressful..huhuu.. sian Mango.

Sabar yaa :)and gosh! your Putri is soooooooooo comel. I really love this pic :) simply adorable. Smoga menjadi anak solehah, insyaAllah..