Thursday, 17 March 2011

Transparent Logo Watermark

It is something that I wanted to learn since long time ago,

Wanna know what it is?

Fancy watermarks!
Before this I only watermark my photos using the Text tools in Photoscape.

Last night, while editing photos (resizing & adjusting brightness) for our company profile,
Almost miraculously,
I manage to figure out how to do it!

I select some of my shots to share with you here...
Looking back at those photos really make me smile.
In the later couple of years I wasn't much into photography anymore,
because I focus more time on stamp carvings,
(because I plan to collect money from stamp carving to buy a DSLR one day).

All of these photos are in their original composition,
no cropping is made.

I'm so happy with my new discovery!
Now I know how to create a transparent watermark using logo.
Combining it with Photoscape Batch Editor,
we can place watermark on our photos even quickier.
To some it may be nothing, like eleh kacang, but it means BIG to me,
and it means bigger because I struggled, learning it from scratch.



adhan said...

mango..bagi la tutorial macam mana nak buat..kalau mango free la..kalau tak takpe..:)

mangosteenskin said...

Buleh buleh...nanti mango buat tutorial k :)

SewLove said...

wahh dah lame nak wat, nurul pun x pandai gak...wa la tutorial nak tau gak ^0^

chegu carol said...

good job! memang patut rasa bangga bah cos buat from scratch. that's hardwork. but ya, kalau senang2, kasi post lah tutorial juga hihihi

Shafri said...

nice work, i actually design my logo with transparent backgorund, the use a Faststone resizer software to resize and apply the watermark. the software is free so it better for me..furthermore, it can resize and apply watermark for more than 1 image at a time...

here the link

rkramadh said...

I am inspired by your newly acquired photoshop skills, especially the drawing from photo (diff post, I know). FYI...there are tons of PS tutorials online, I have bookmarked to try them, not time. Try or many others. Of course, figuring it out by yourself is the best feeling :)